Corralejo is a town situated in the northernmost part of the island of Fuerteventura, in the municipality of La Oliva. Surrounded by an unusual landscape of dunes, the town combines the traditional seafaring flavour of its port with interesting tourist activity.
The town of Corralejo provides one of the most seafaring images of Fuerteventura. In the center there is a fishing port, built around which is a picturesque collection of houses which today enjoy intense tourist activity.


One of the main attractions for tourists in Corralejo is the extensive coastline of heavenly beaches of fine golden sand beside a sea of turquoise waters.


Thanks to the excellent infrastructure, you can do water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing or water-skiing. The backdrops for these stretches of sand are the imposing dunes, which form part of the Corralejo Nature Reserve.

The apparent dryness of the landscape contrasts with the numerous native species of plant life, which grow about the place.


Fuerteventura has a powerful tourism industry based on high quality  touristic resources and excellent facilities, which has enabled sutainable growth of visitors in recent years.

Fuerteventura has also maintained its customs and its traditional economy in a sustainable and effective way. Craft and ancient works still survive today in different parts of the island, along with fishing and traditional agriculture

Fuerteventura, a place to enjoy numerous activities in the best conditions.



With 3000 hours of sunshine a year, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African coast with only 100km separating the ‘Punta de la Entallada’ from Cape Juby in Morroco and is the second largest (after Tenerife) of all the islands.


Fuerteventura,was placed firmly on the world stage as a major European holiday destination.While having fully developed tourist facilities, the island has not experienced the overdevelopment found on some other islands and consequently caters for visitors attracted by its rugged natural beauty.



Water sports are very popular in Fuerteventura. Every year hundreds of surfers, windsurfers and divers descend on Fuerteventura and during July the island is host to the P.W.A world windsurfing speed and slalom event at Sotavento in the south.


There are many new attractions inviting tourists to discover different aspects of the Island’s landscape and culture such as the Betancuria Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography and Tefia Craft Village to name but a few.


Fuerteventura, an island with over 150km of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, discover vast natural landscapes and share the natural openness of its people.


Fuerteventura is the oldest and wildest isle of Canary Islands but has  also combined its natural values with  tourism industry and services.