Training placements for special education

In EDUCATION  & MOBILITY we are committed to create a training programme where the integration of students with disabilities is encouraged.


With the support of organizations and professionals, in EDUCATION  & MOBILITY, we provide with training placements to special education students in various fields.


To achieve this programme, adaptation courses will be performed by the hosting companies. These courses would give the placement‘s tutors the basic knowledge of disability types, correct ways and procedures to proceed with a perfect of students with special needs, how to gain the problems during the hosting. Placements tutors will be trained to identify the needs that may arise during the internships.


To carry on with this project, in EDUCATION  & MOBILITY we count with a wide network of collaborators as associations, institutions and groups where leisure, sport and different adapted activities are offered to the students. Hiking, adapted surfing, adapted cycling, meetings, trips,…further information.

This project is supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Fuerteventura, the Council of Fuerteventura, local associations and the Regional Cabildo of Fuerteventura. 


EDUCATION  & MOBILITY and the collaboration network are commited to a total inclusion of the special education students in the island.


Thanks to the Fuerteventura Council, the most accesible beaches of Fuerteventura, count with amphibians chairs for an easy access to the sea and also with joelette chairs as the students can reach the most amazing áreas of the island.


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