Tutoring and evaluation

Tutoring and Monitoring is an important part of the process during the training period. In order to guarantee a positive experience, from EDUCATION  & MOBILITY, we will assure  quality services like:

The trainee will be followed by a tutor from the work placement and by a coordinator from EDUCATION & MOBILITY.

The development of the training will be monitored every week (via email, visits or phone) with a compromise of a meeting every 2 weeks.

Final Reports.

The main objective of these evaluations is to help the trainees to deal with any difficulties, give a professional orientation and support them during their stay in the Basque Country.

EUROPASS: EDUCATION  & MOBILITY will cooperate actively with the sending organisation in all procedures for issuing the Europass certificate.

After the course and internship each participant will get a detailed description and evaluation regarding the content and success of the course and traineeship from his / her teacher and employer.